Google toolbar new Option Sidewiki.

Google recently introduced its new Google toolbar option called as Sidewiki. As you  know every now and than Google comes up with new functions, tools or concept. It’s the  search engine which listen to user inputs and improves its services accordingly, it has good communication with its visitors understand them.
So What is Google Sidewiki, it is toolbar option in google toolbar for Firefox & Internet Explorer. Google is soon add it in own browser Google chrome & Google API is also ready to be used. Watch sidewiki video here & watch my sidewiki entries on my Google profile. My experience in Using Sidewiki is good, it gives Visitors to give there comments, feedback, & there view about the website or a specific website or a topic. It is good for the visitor to know what was others have experienced with the website or webpage. Visitors experience will different web places like News, shopping, blogs, corporate sites etc… Sidewiki entries will give more information to next visitor of that webpage. I think it will effects the comment of that webpage, more people will use Sidewiki than commenting on that web page. One can give feedback on the product page he has purchased at an ecommerce site. As a SEO, what could be its effect on webmasters, SEO, Internet marketers, how will people use it.

How to use Sidewiki, if you want to write on whole website than go to home page and click on sidewiki on google toolbar and start writing you review. If you want to write about a service, go to that web page, click on sidewiki & proceed. If you don’t agree with the one point in a webpage select that sentence or point and write sidewiki entry. Hope People will like this product & sidewiki will become more popular, best of luck Sidewiki. write your feedback on using Sidewiki.