Mumbai University Attestation for WES ECA Canada

I am writing this article because there is no information on the internet and I have come to know that aspirants are going through the cumbersome process at Kalina university office. Many people are paying a hefty amount in Kalina which is time-consuming, expensive and tedious.

This a guide for those who you have graduated from Mumbai University and looking for final year attestation for further study/immigration to Canada or where World Education Services equivalent education assessment is required.

For the assessment of your Indian education, you will require a transcript certificate from your college and for the final year, you will need to get an attestation from Mumbai University which everyone confuses with Kalina University.

In this article, I will discuss with you an easy, quick and cost-saving way to get your work done. It took me just 4  day and mere Rs.30  for my wife’s B.Com degree certificate attestation. Yes, you heard it right, someone(proxy) can go on your behalf to get this attestation for you.

Process – you or your proxy has to carry original certificates along with 2 photocopies of it and 2 envelops, one for you and one for their records. Submit your documents and check it’s status online Status of Attestation

There are two things to remember Mumbai university gives attestation on your education certificate if you are graduate after the 2008 year, if you are graduate before that year you need to provide Original Transcript certificate or Bonafide certificate from the concerned education institute

This is Mumbai University Student Welfare it is next to Sydenham college near Churchgate Railway Station. Google Maps Address Link.

Below Instruction image provides all guidelines for you to follow, so you come once with everything along and get attestation at the earliest.



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Post-December 2018 update, Mumbai university helps in sending your documents directly to WES, once you go there you will be guided. I have recently visited University to inquire in person, be assured. I am attached new notice posted in the notice board.


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Update(05-06-2019): Readers I have moved to Toronto recently and won’t be able to give up to date information on the current happening on this topic. I have written, how the process worked for us then so it could help others as very few people knew this process then.

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List of Interactive Agencies in New Zealand

Following is the list of Interactive Agency in New Zealand.

1 Digithink Interactive Location: Rotorua, NZ

Services offered: SEO, SEM, Design, Development, CMS, E-marketing, Web hosting, Branding

2 Trunk Media Location: not published

Services offered: SEO, Design & Development, CM, Analysis & strategy

3 Resn Location: Wellington

Services offered: Brand strategy, Design, Flash, Internet Marketing, Animation

4 Interactive Pulse Location: Auckland

Services offered: Cold fusion Web hosting, Design & development, SEO, i phone applications

5 Martian Location: Tauranga

Services offered: Logo design & branding, Web design, flash interactive, 2D & 3D Illustration

6 Gruden Location: Auckland

Services offered: Design, Development, Online Marketing, Strategy, Branding

7 Salt Design Location: Auckland

Services offered: Design & development, Online Advertising, Branding

8 Ice Interactive Location: Auckland

Services offered: Design & Development Online Marketing, SEO, Branding, E-Marketing

9 Colenso BBDO Location: Auckland

Services offered: Interactive Web design & concepts, Strategy & branding

10 Transparency Location: Auckland

Services offered: Website Development, CM, Hosting, E-commerce, Online Branding & marketing

11 Salted Herring Location: Wellington

Services offered: Web design & Online campaign, flash applications

12 Marker Studio Location: Auckland

Services offered: Creating Website & App development, Creative UI Design, Online Marketing.

13 Virt Interactive Location: Auckland

Services offered: Digital Marketing, Strategy, Content Creation,  User design

14 ENT Interactive Location: Orewa, NZ

Services offered: Flash, Html, Graphic Design, Multimedia/Web

15 NV Interactive Location: Wellington

Services offered: Graphic design, database development, Web services, Application development

16 DNA Location: Wellington

Services offered: Design & develop Websites, Strategy, branding, site promotion

17 XF Location: Auckland

Services offered: Visual Design, Web Multimedia, Digital Marketing

Give your precious comments and let me know if i have missed any New Zealand’s Interactive Agency.

Google toolbar new Option Sidewiki.

Google recently introduced its new Google toolbar option called as Sidewiki. As you  know every now and than Google comes up with new functions, tools or concept. It’s the  search engine which listen to user inputs and improves its services accordingly, it has good communication with its visitors understand them.
So What is Google Sidewiki, it is toolbar option in google toolbar for Firefox & Internet Explorer. Google is soon add it in own browser Google chrome & Google API is also ready to be used. Watch sidewiki video here & watch my sidewiki entries on my Google profile. My experience in Using Sidewiki is good, it gives Visitors to give there comments, feedback, & there view about the website or a specific website or a topic. It is good for the visitor to know what was others have experienced with the website or webpage. Visitors experience will different web places like News, shopping, blogs, corporate sites etc… Sidewiki entries will give more information to next visitor of that webpage. I think it will effects the comment of that webpage, more people will use Sidewiki than commenting on that web page. One can give feedback on the product page he has purchased at an ecommerce site. As a SEO, what could be its effect on webmasters, SEO, Internet marketers, how will people use it.

How to use Sidewiki, if you want to write on whole website than go to home page and click on sidewiki on google toolbar and start writing you review. If you want to write about a service, go to that web page, click on sidewiki & proceed. If you don’t agree with the one point in a webpage select that sentence or point and write sidewiki entry. Hope People will like this product & sidewiki will become more popular, best of luck Sidewiki. write your feedback on using Sidewiki.